22 Photos Full Of Happiness And Serenity

“A headstone in a local cemetery of a lady who lived once, but was buried twice.”

“My cousin’s shoes matched this house in Berkeley, CA.”

“My frying pan dried with a spot that looks like a pig.”

“This Dentist Training Tool.”

“This guy at work’s huge “dad wallet”

“This cookie I got came with tiny edible paints to paint it with.”

“Captured a picture of me shocking my Gf…”

“Opened a roll of pennies and found a 1908 Indian Head Penny.”

“This spork is made out of stainless steel and has a jagged knife edge on the side.”

“The core of this dog poo bag roll says “Use bare hands now””

“Fingerboard skatepark under a bridge (wallet for scale).”

“Lisbon consists of 7 hills. In order to make it easier for residents and tourists to move between the different neighbourhoods, this open-air escalator was installed.”

“I found a rock that looks like an egg.”

“My workplace installed sunscreen dispensers.”

“Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s all have a store next to each other in Wokingham England.”

“My friend’s dog gently puts your knee into his mouth when he is happy to see you”

“Our local library names its carts.”

“This grape that looks like a pumpkin.”

“I found out my veneers don’t glow in blacklight.”

“Local brewey doesn’t have gender specific bathrooms, only stalls with the specific type of toilet.”

“This bird landed on my shirt today and fell asleep.”

“This grave in my parents garden dated 1915.”

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