22 Photos Prove That Garbage Can Always Turn Into A Treasure

“My first find — a ring that I came across in a garbage bin under a bridge”

“Got this side table from the curb. Its top was broken, so I spent a little over 3 hours and $4 worth of rope and glue to upcycle it to this!”

“Yesterday I found a perfectly good, new appliance that had been thrown out. Welcome to your new home, microwave!”

“Found this 14-karat necklace in a thrift store dumpster today…it’s worth almost $400!”

“I’m really happy about this find. I spotted it while dumpster diving a couple of days ago. It’s surprisingly comfortable to sit in.”

“I found a 13” MacBook Pro. It didn’t have any ram or a hard drive but I found some.”

“All of this was from a college dorm dumpster!”

“Found this little heart while dumpster diving tonight. It’s marked ’575′ which means 14-karat gold.”

“Some recent jewelry finds, including my first gold”

“’It doesn’t work,’ is my favorite reason for returns. Works perfectly!”

“Curbside finds: 4 boxes of Thomas trains and tracks! A matching train table is in the garage waiting to be scrubbed down tomorrow.”

“Found this while dumpster diving tonight. Everything but the chain strap was marked and tested as 14-karat gold.”

“My roomie and I found this beauty on the side of the road last night! Now she’s happily sitting in my living room!”

“Beautiful table and chairs found thrown in a pile of stuff by the road in a nice neighborhood. Some wood glue, clamps, and $34 worth of fabric later, I have a brand new dining set.”

“A 1970s smoke grey lucite chair — why would anyone throw this away?!”

“These are ivory earrings from the WWII era. Sometimes thrift stores throw out the weirdest things.”

“A university threw it out because of one bad LED in the backlight. I replaced the strip and voila! I have a new TV now.”

“This vintage Curio cabinet was standing by the dumpsters.”

“Found this air hockey table in a construction site dumpster in my neighborhood. I cleaned it up and it works!”

“I found a perfect camera in working condition.”

“Found a book from 1844 during another dumpster dive. Not in the best condition but it’s 176 years old!”

“It’s crazy what people throw away. This vacuum cleaner works perfectly.”

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