22 Photos Prove That Restaurant Work Is Hard

“About to work the grill in 100°F+ weather with no A/C. It was nice knowing y’all.”

“For $9.50 an hour, they can be thankful I’m wearing pants.”

“Sliced tomato’s for burgers as prepared by my colleagues”

“People have been asking why chefs hate brunch…”

“Prep guy left a spoon in the fish batter. Figured he was saving it to eat later so we plated it for him.”

“Its cool I dont need those fridges”

“Never thought I’d have to make this sign.”

“Hey chef I’m gonna toss this beef, it’s no good. Chef “It’s still fine for Meat Sauce””

“So my dishwasher was sent home beyond drunk when he was caught sleeping in the customer bathroom, guess who has to clean this up. happy 4th of July everyone”

“Just experienced the worst ass kicking I’ve ever had. Happy Father’s Day everyone!”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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