22 Photos Show History From An Alternate Angle

“Aa Of The Sphinx – It Has A Tail!”

“Photo Of A Hiker Watching The Eruption Of Mt. St. Helens From Mt. Adams, About 37 Miles To The East.”

“Charles Ebbets Photographing “Lunch On A Skyscraper”, The Famous Picture Of Workers In NY Eating Their Lunch On A Hanging Steel Beam”

“Neil Armstrong’s Family Watching His Launch To The Moon-1969”

“The David Statue Protected By Bricks During Ww2”

“Prince William Giving “Middle Finger” After Prince Louis’ Birth”

“Backside Of Tutankhamuns Mask”

“The Statue Of Liberty At The 1878 Paris World Fair Before Being Fully Assembled And Shipped To The United States”

“A More Depressing View Of The Taj Mahal”

“Different View Of The Pyramids”

“The Beatles Lining Up For The Abbey Road Album Cover Photo”

“Queen Filming The Iconic Bohemian Rhapsody Music Video In 1975”

“Star Wars Episode Iv Opening Crawl”

“I Have A Dream”

“Lincoln Memorial Before The Reflecting Pool”

“Tiananmen Square Before The Infamous Picture, The Guy Is In The Top Left, 1989”

“Sydney Opera House From Top”

“Lady Liberty”

“The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Is Empty On The Inside”

“Behind The Price Is Right Wheel”

“Vincent Van Gogh”

“Alternate Angle Of The Phantom Menace”

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