22 Pics You Need To Look Twice At To Understand

“Bengal Max with a heart on his tummy.”

“Chipmunk photobomb.”

“Saw a mushroom and upon closer inspection there was another mini mushroom growing on top of it.”

“This dog photobombed our proposal.”

“Cats cannot let dogs live in peace.”

“The support bracket in my closet looks like it’s smiling.”

“Found this on my walk at lunch, and came home whistling a happy tune until I took a closer look at it.”

“An interesting, fallen tree I came across walking in Liesjärvi National park. I had a bit of a scare before taking a closer look.”

“This skull nestled in the corner of a building.”

“A cow wearing a Halloween mask.”

“This carrot I was about to give to a horse looks like the head, body, and tail of a horse.”

“My plant has a face.”

“My mom’s visiting me in Anchorage and we got photobombed in the best way!”

“My nephew, cool and relaxed. His dad in the background.”

“I was taking photos of my friend and the guy in the background decided it was his photoshoot.”

“Need a closer look?”

“My cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Bonus: awestruck secondary cat in the background.”

“Let’s take a closer look under there…”

“Took a pic of my ’hidden’ UPS package and my cheesing cat decided to bomb the photo.”

“How long until someone notices…”

“When your hat has an Easter egg in it.”

“Spotted on my morning walk.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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