22 Rare And Unusual Things Witnessed by People

These fortunate individuals experienced once-in-a-lifetime wonders, leaving the rest of us with only dreams of witnessing such marvels. The world offers an abundance of awe-inspiring sights, mesmerizing places, captivating landscapes, and, of course, extraordinary and peculiar wildlife. By remaining vigilant and observant in our daily lives, we open ourselves to unexpected and extraordinary encounters. Who knows what extraordinary sights await us if we keep our eyes peeled and our curiosity alive?

My grandfather took me to the hockey game where Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk had his carotid artery cut and his jugular vein partially sliced by an errant hockey skate. He was bleeding out on the ice in front of our eyes. The Sabres trainer, who had been a US Army combat medic in Vietnam, knew to reach in the wound and pinch off the artery to save his life.

Fire rainbows are pretty rare, mostly just drenching a corner of a cloud in colors. One day at an airshow, my Dad and I as well as about 50 other people witnessed the most extravagant color show I’ve ever seen.Fire rainbows were in half the sky it was the most beautiful natural event I’ve ever seen.

I saw a grizzly bear and a wolf feed on the same bison carcass at the same time in Yellowstone.

Saw two turtle doves fly into each other head on.

I saw a fish fall out of the sky during a particularly rainy day. Hit the ground and got swept into the gutter.

Huge section of cliff falling into the Gallatin River. Easily the size of a football field came down all at once.

Northern lights near my house. It usually doesn’t happen that far south.

Flying to Reno back in the 90’s. There was this awesome comet that turned out to have a bigger display than people predicted. It was awesome.

Actually saw a tree fall in the forest onto the trail ahead of us as we were hiking in a national park.

Remember in pirates of the Caribbean, they talk about “the green flash at dusk.” It’s a real meteorological phenomenon. I saw it once while out to sea in the navy.

I lived on a sailboat off of Mexico. One day this huge item floated under the water. It was longer than the 44′ sailboat. Then it breathed and we could tell what it was. It was a mom and baby blue whale.

I saw a woman slip on a banana peel.

My friend and I have the same birthday. One day at work, we got on an elevator. There were three other guys on it. One says to the others “big day tomorrow.” 5 semi random guys on an elevator all had the same birthday. I think the odds are (1/365)^4 or 1:17.8B if the fact that it was the next day isn’t significant.

I was swimming in the Pacific when four dolphins swam up to me, danced in circles, and swam between my legs. When they got close again I noticed one of the four looked more like a baby orca, that was a bright indigo color with a very tall dorsal fin. It barely looked real! I pet them all and they swam off to play in the waves. It was the most magical moment of my life.

Ball of lightning, God that s**t is bizarre. I was 14 and I just saw it going down some train tracks. After it disappeared there was this loud boom and I’m not sure if it exploded or made contact with something.

I witnessed the effects of the coronal mass ejection in March 1989.

Jul 2011: I say to my wife the international space station is going over tonight, it’s a clear sky, and we agree to pop out to the country where there is less light pollution and take the kids who were 12 and 8. We watch and it goes overhead… and then splits in two. I drive home thinking any disaster would be on the news, so I watch that. Turns out, the final shuttle mission had just been completed and we had watched shuttle Atlantis depart the ISS for the final time.

I saw a wheel come loose off a van as it attempted a right hand turn. The wheel rolled through traffic into the open bay of a tire store across the street. One in a million odds.

I saw someone take off their cap and stamp on it like they do in cartoons

I saw Niagara Falls mostly frozen over in Feb 2015! It was eerily quiet.

Back in the 1980s, I was on a plane and saw the space shuttle being carried piggyback on another plane.

In 1974 I was living in Delray Beach and I was hanging out at the back door looking out talking to my sister who lived in Illinois. All of the sudden there was a huge ball of fire in the sky and I told her I thought an airplane head just exploded over the West Palm Beach airport. Later watching the news I learned that it was a meteor that had fallen into Lake Okeechobee.

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