23 Crazy Trends That Were Cool Back In The 2000s

“Dyed separate hair strands in contrasting colors. Those who weren’t ready for drastic changes used colored mascara.”

“Used paper bags as a second bag and were considered real fashionistas.”

“Published posts that were clearly not written by us, but by our stream of consciousness.”

“Wore shoes that could accommodate a family of 5 people.”

“Dreamed of striped glasses. And some people made their dream come true.”

“Our mobile phone was used for some things and our Mp3 player — for others. And without these guys, it was impossible to leave the house.”

“Used ICQ. It was so touching.”

“We stood at the origins of emoticons.”

“Watched movies whose production cost tens of millions of dollars on a 2-inch iPod.”

“Outlined our lips with a dark pencil, boldly going beyond the contour.”

“Collected soda caps and won prizes.”

“Stuck to the style of popular subcultures.”

“Used pencils with cartridges. If one gets lost, you lose too.”

“Were in awe of the idea of ​​wearing sunglasses to a party.”

“Went to tanning salons as often as we now go to work. Not everyone looked good with an orange tan, but no one disdained it.”

“Removed the radio panel so that it wouldn’t get stolen.”

“Packed our phone in a case to be on the safe side.”

“Changed the tape to watch the second part of Titanic.”

“Recorded CDs with music on our home computers and wrote the title and sequence of the songs with a marker.”

“Brought selfies in the mirror into fashion. But we did it with the help of our first cameras.”

“Rolled our hair up into a bun and secured it with a worthy decoration — a spectacular claw hairpin.”

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