23 Hilarious Parking Blunders To Make You Cringe

These hilarious blunders showcase some of the most outrageous and cringe-worthy parking attempts you’ll ever see.

“That’s not a parking spot.”

“Why take one parking space when you can take four?”

“I thought BMWs taking up two parking spots was an urban myth…until today.”

“Parking like this and thinking the other person was in the wrong.”

“This car parked in the middle of the parking lot between faded parking lines.”

“How do people park like this and not feel anything? To make things worse, the guy has his tiny dog unleashed and laying down, moving from spot to spot.”

“Corvette Parking Privileges.”

“He thought it was an entrance to a parking garage.”

“If only there was somewhere to park other than across the sidewalk.”

“This guy parked across three spots at McDonalds, AND was parked half in the spots, half in the road. Blocked off the whole road for other cars to drive round and went inside to eat.”

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