23 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know, Right?

Fortune cookies were actually invented in California.

Raincoats are typically made with bright colors so people can spot you in heavy rain.

You’re supposed to rub your hands together before using a hand dryer. They’ll actually dry this way.

Your tongue is always moving in your mouth.

The Monopoly guy, Rich Uncle Pennybags, never had a monocle.

All the Sesame Street Muppets have four fingers, except Cookie Monster. He has five fingers.

The smiling Goodwill logo is also a “g.”

Goombas have arms and hands. They are just folded neatly behind their backs.

The weight of all the ants in the world is about equal to the weight of all the people in the world.

Donuts got their name because they are a “nut” of fried dough.

The word “bed” looks like a bed.

Brewed coffee has more caffeine per serving than espresso does.

The Spotify icon isn’t centered.

“Eeyore” is the noise a donkey makes.

Banana plants aren’t trees, but a type of herb.

The measuring stick on the inside of gas stations is to measure the height of robbers. It’s not the correct height from ground to ceiling because it is angled for the cameras

There isn’t actually a balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is simply standing outside her window looking up at her. Balconies weren’t common during this time and Shakespeare never wrote about it.

The mom in the song “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” isn’t cheating on the dad, he’s just dressed as Santa.

The Swedish Chef from The Muppets is the only character performed with real hands.

It’s called the alphabet because the Greek alphabet starts with the letters alpha, beta.

The B and R in Baskin Robbins spells 31 flavors.

The print on Cheerio boxes perfectly line up for displays.

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