23 Movie Stars Photoshopped Next To Their Famous Roles

Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker

Inger Nilsson and Pippi Longstocking

Johnny Depp and the Hatter

Robin Williams and Mork

Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green

Jim Carrey and The Mask

Robert Pattinson with Cedric Diggory (from the Harry Potter franchise)

Neil Patrick Harris and Doogie Howser M.D.

Marty McFly and Michael J. Fox

Will Smith with The Fresh Prince

John Travolta and Danny Zuko

Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers sitting next to Forrest Gump

Daniel Radcliffe with Harry Potter

Charlie Chaplin and The Tramp

Julia Roberts and Vivian Ward


Kate Winslet and Rose Dewitt Bukater

Matt LeBlanc and Joey Tribbiani

Christina Applegate and Kelly Bundy

Pierce Brosnan and James Bond

Ralph Macchio and Daniel LaRusso

Dolly Parton as herself

Jack Nicholson with Jack Torrance

Henry Thomas and Elliot

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