23 Photos Prove That Time Is Merciless

“My great-grandfather’s driving License No. 052 issued in Halifax, Yorkshire. It is printed on cloth.”

“70-year-old dental floss found in the 1948 house we’re remodeling”

“Wall-mounted grill my nana has had since at least the ’80s, most likely longer”

“The red paint is showing through from when Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, almost 100 years ago.”

“I own a pocket-sized dictionary from the 1900s”

“My mom’s 17-year-old wedding bouquet”

“Some Listerine PocketPaks I bought a few weeks ago (left) and some I just found in a box from 20 years ago (right)”

“Yesterday I found a coke that expired 40 years ago in January 1979.”

“Found my old Game Boy and its case (which was a giant Game Boy) while cleaning my room.”

“The key that unlocks the door to my room (house was built in 1901)”

“I own a piece of LEGO that is so old, it depicts a rotary phone.”

“This almost 30-year-old late Blockbuster rental I found cleaning”

“My great grandpa’s hand-forged spoon he made 100 years ago”

“You can tell which outlets were used most after years of sun exposure.”

“This bottle with wine and water that I got from my grandpa”

“I found my dad’s credit card-sized calculator from 1986.”

“This table clock that has been in my family for many generations”

“An orange I mummified in school 15 years ago”

“This vintage egg scale that my grandma has”

“Mom found my old McDonald’s food toys that turned into robots.”

“Olympic Torch (Zippo) from the Winter Games 40 years ago”

“This chess set from 1972 has the valid moves for each piece stamped on their bases, making the game much easier for beginners to learn.”

Bonus: “This depiction of 2020 on a 27 year old school folder”

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