23 Photos Proving That the Beauty If People Is Eternal

American actress from the silent movie era, actress Marie Doro, 1902

“My beautiful great-grandmother. Late 1950s”

American actress Ethel Clayton, 1910

“My great-grandmother in the 1930’s”

American movie and theater actress Maude Fealy, the 1900s

“My great-grandmother in 1930”

A Victorian era woman getting photographed for the first time, the 1890s

“My beautiful grandmother, 1949”

Algerian girl, around 1905

“My great-great-grandmother, late 1910s”

American actress Julia Marlowe, 1899

French dancer Cléo de Mérode, 1902

“My great-great-grandfather, 1889”

Maude Adams, American theater actress, 1890

“My great-grandmother, 1917”

Minnie Ashley, American actress, 1896

“My great-great-grandmother in the 1890s”

Ione Bright, Broadway actress, 1912

“My great-grandfather, Sherman Herbert Ford, around 1900”

British actress Evelyn Laye, 1917

“My beautiful grandmother in 1955”

American actress Evelyn Nesbit, 1901

“A photo of my great-great-grandmother taken in the early 1900s, when she was only 6 years old”

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