23 Photos Show “American” Shop Sections In Different Countries

“This is the American section in a New Zealand grocery store.”

“American section of a European grocery store.”

“Lucky Charms, candy, triscuits, and if you look closely, BAKING SODA???”

“Here is the USA section of our grocery store in Belgium”‘

“Two shelves of Reese’s, like six boxes of Nerds, and some Froot Loops.”

“The UK:”

“Pop-Tarts, beef jerky, three types of M&M’s, and Marshmallow Fluff. Looks about right.”

“Kaiserslautern, Germany:”

“Nacho cheese in a bottle, mayo, popcorn, and Pop-Tarts.”


“Chips, candy…and Marshmallow Fluff.”

“American section of international grocery store in Amsterdam”

“Frostings and mixes and dressings, oh my!”

“The American section of my grocery store when I lived in Japan.”

“A ton of cereal.”

“The “American” section of Bilka. Notice it’s all garbage XD”

“Jello, chocolate syrup, and the GOAT chip Kettle Chips.”

“American food section at an Italian grocery store”

“Pop-tarts, Fanta, and Arizona Iced Tea.”


“Pop-Tarts, mustard, and so many hot sauces.”

“Belgium again:”

“A respectable three shelves of Reeses.”

“In Sweden they have an American food section”

“Goldfish, marshmallows, Snapples, and Charleston Chews? OK!”

“USA aisle in this grocery incl: Marshmallow Fluff, Fruit Loops, Tabasco, KC Masterpiece & Easy Cheese”


“Germany again:”

“Salad dressing, nacho cheese, cake mix, syrup, and Marshmallow Fluff.”


“Ranch dressing, chocolate syrup, cake mix, frosting, and…yup…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF.”

“When I went to Abu Dhabi the Irish section was as expected, tea bags and tayto, but had to snap a pic of the american section. There wasn’t more past the edge of the pic, it was just mayo (do ye call it ranch?)”

“Every single type of mayo under the sun.”

“The UK:”

“Shelves and shelves of taco stuff.”




“Salad dressing, Jell-O, pickles, Twizzlers, and cooking spray?”

“And the UK again:”

“Soda, candy, cereal, candy cereal, AND…MARSHMALLOW FLUFF.”

“European section in a US grocery store”

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