23 Real Treasures Found In Thrift Stores

“I collect old drinking glasses and came across this beautiful cabinet last week at a Salvation Army! It’s perfect.”

“My boyfriend found this vintage sofa on Facebook Marketplace for $100! We were the second party to inquire — luckily the first people never showed up to pick it up! We just finished fully cleaning it and re-stuffing the seat cushions. :)”

“Finally found the thrifted lamp of my dreams. My white whale!”

“One of my most cherished thrifts to date”

“Pics don’t even do this dress justice, a lovely local find!”

“Today’s garage sale find”

“Found the most perfect tables for my living room!”

“99 cents for this antique silver lipstick container! I believe it’s Italian and possibly from the 1930s. It needs a serious cleaning, but I was in awe of this little piece of history. This was meant to be refilled.”

“This was the best $3 I’ve spent in a while, and a rare find for my 4-year-old. Full circle skirt, perfect cuffs and collar, complete with heart buttons!”

“A rattan couch and mirror-top table for $30”

“Just found this beautiful Baldwin organ. It works perfectly, and I got it for only $170. My biggest thrift store haul of all time, I’ve wanted one forever!!”

“A beautiful blouse I got for $7.99!”

“My thrifted prom dress for $2.50! I also got my jewelry and tiara thrifted, full prom set for $7. The tiara was $2.50, and the bracelet, $1.98.”

“A 10k gold ring I found at the flea market today for $20. It has real diamonds and a great vintage, almost antique, setting (I borrowed my mother’s hand for the pic).”

“Found this super weird ceramic hand for $3 and decided to turn it into a weird but cute holder for my headset.”

“A 1970s Gunne Sax dress! A $10 find!”

“I got this rattan shelf at an estate sale and I still can’t believe it’s mine! Dream find!”

“Found this sweet Nintendo sign today.”

“Found this a while back in a charity shop for $10.”

“Curbside find”

“I bought a mini-float that fits my hamster.”

“Why I love garage sales: all unused from 1976”

“Scored this bear cub table from FB Marketplace, and I love him so much! Now our den is really a den.”

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