23 Ridiculous Exam Answers

This kid is going to be OK!

3 words that best describe me

Debatable… But still a good answer.

This kid gets it.

The teacher could not appreciate the true genius.

The kid outsmarted the examiner.


Interstellar fanboys be like…

Pythagoras just turned over in his grave.

Trash talk

Writing words in alphabetical order

Apparently, even 7-year old me was a smartass.

My brother in 2nd grade…

Mother of God, it works.

This is why my kid is going places.

This kid is more interested in biology than math.

The answer is safe now, kid.

The million dollar question

Seems right to me.

My 6-year-old got the answer wrong, but I think she’s right…

What would you say to Abraham Lincoln?

My chem lab professor accepted my answer.

The bear ate the question.

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