23 Times When Timing Was Perfect

“I was taking a photo of the peacock when the herring flew by.”

“About 1980. If you’ve played with model rockets you know that the sequence is: push the button, wait, wait, wait, hear a little “fssst” and it is now 100′ in the air. Still not sure how I managed to time this right!”

“Noticed a levitating man in our photo from the State Fair of Texas….”

“Hitting my sister with a snowball.”

“I tried to get a picture of a hummingbird when my dog decided he needed to poop in the frame.”

“Tried to get a picture of the view from the place I was staying at but a hummingbird flew into my face at the exact moment.”

“This picture was the result of perfect timing with the lightning.”

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  1. Heron. Herring is a fish. Heron is a bird that enjoys a good mess of herring for dinner.

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