23 Fruits And Vegetables That Are ALIVE!

These milkweed pods look just like a whole family of parrots!

This strawberry looks like a baby elephant.

What are you up to, sneaky alien?

This lemon is probably a good listener.

Has science gone too far?

This broccoli is telling you to hold it down.

This pepper seems terrified!

This veggie seems to be scared and excited at the same time!

Pumpkin dragon

This Buddha’s Hand fruit looks like it’s trying to dance its problems away.

Are these peaches making out?

A butterfly strawberry

An amazed apple

This peanut looks like a duck!

This tomato thinks it’s a duckling!

Is that a swan or a pumpkin?

Just like twins!

Evil cherry tomato

Is this radish trying to flirt?

A sweet teddy bear potato!

What an adorable couple!

This carrot seems to go to infinity and beyond!

Rock it, carrot!

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