24 Cool Phone Hacks

Always keep your old phone models in case of an emergency.

“Hide some money behind your phone case or in the battery compartment, just in case you ever forget your wallet.”

“If your phone supports wireless charging and you are shopping, you can wirelessly charge through the packages on some power banks.”

“Create your own Dolby Surround System with a regular phone & cardboard box. Do not forget to punch some holes for air!”

“Stupidly simple phone holder for our phones with wallet cases.”

“Changed the one ear phone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which.”

Your phone can be used as a portable scanner… look for the application under Notes and send to your computer.

“Put an image of a currency conversion chart as your phone’s lock screen photo for quick access when traveling abroad.”

“In my line of work, I have to constantly provide my work phone’s MAC address… so I made it part of my home screen.”

“Forgot my camera and tripod at home, but still had to get some family pics.”

For phone owners in the UK, your charger can double as a stand.

“If you lose electricity and you need to charge your phone, it can be charged using a 9v battery, a car charger, and a spring from a pen.”

How to charge your phone when the cord won’t reach the floor:

If you need an impromptu phone case, place it on top of a balloon and deflate it.

“No more losing Wi-Fi signal when cutting the lawn.”

Your phone’s camera sensors can pick up infrared… which is handy if you need to check batteries around the house.

The simplest things can turn your phone into a personal flat screen television.

This Bluetooth to Aux adaptor lets you charge your phone while using your headphones.

Put your phone’s camera in blacklight mode and search for fluorescence, like this bottle of highlighter ink.

Your phone’s selfie cam can work like a handy mirror… and you can even zoom in on every nook and cranny.

A phone light and a plastic bottle can be the lantern you never knew you needed.

Bonus: If you ever wanted to see what’s inside your phone, here you are. To uncover this phone’s technical problems, it had to be cut in half with a waterjet…and the camera lens was still intact!

Credits: brightside.me

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