24 Examples That South Korea Is Already Living In The Future

In South Korean, people would rather stand on a train than sit on an empty seat allocated for pregnant women.

They also have special pillows attached to windows on their public transport for napping purposes.

This cafe has laundry in it to kill two birds with one stone.

For quality control, managers puts photos of employees on devices to show who has assembled them.

Koreans are very careful about their own cars and the cars of others so they use door guards.

Koreans are very passionate about their oral hygiene. This Korean BBQ offers free toothbrushes and mouthwash in the restroom.

Little plastic shelters that have been put up to protect against the elements in Korea.

Tree roots are covered in Seoul during the winter time to prevent tripping (it also protects the roots too).

Giant umbrellas on crosswalks will protect people from sunny/rainy days while they wait.

Plastic finger covers to eat chips prevent the greasy finger aftermath…if that bothers you. Also sanitary!

The owner of some stores watch their customers from inside their house trusting the honor system. You pick, take whatever you want to buy, and then drop the money into their letterbox.

This is definitely strange at first glance, but these public restrooms are made conveniently with mother and child toilets next to each other.

You can buy socks through vending machines in Korea because you never know when you’ll need a fresh pair.

Or let’s say you forgot an anniversary or needed to appear “spontaneously romantic”, you can grab flowers to go.

Drop your smaller furry friends off while you go shopping at the grocery store.

Parking lots often look like this as space is at a premium.

Seen here is a playful metro entry for the kids in Seoul, Korea.

Not to mention they have A parking lots for baby strollers.

Smart restrooms show which stalls are taken and which ones are free. Efficiency is key!

Cotton candy can be found just about everywhere, and who can argue with that?

Buy coffee with your photo on it. Why? I’m not really sure, but it seems like fun.

Single-person karaoke booths on the train. Bizarre, but entertainment never sleeps.

Robots in the Seoul airport help tourists with directions and can also walk you to a cafe or restroom.

In South Korea, they also have a cafe with meerkats and you can find cat cafes almost everywhere to bring you some happy vibes while you nom.

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