24 Facts That Are Not Even Close To Being Fake

Chemist Robert Chesebrough discovered the healing properties of petroleum jelly in the 1850s and took the whole thing very… seriously.

This counted as a form of payment for entrance into the zoo.

The plants can communicate with each other by emitting organic chemicals.

The company was founded in 1806, and did not begin selling toothpaste until 1873.

One worker bee makes an average of 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. It takes thousands of flowers and flights between the fields and the hives.

Two scientists housed in different camps and stations checked Tinder and were the first to match on the continent.

In the Netherlands, surgeon Robert de Wijn and colleagues Mick Kreulen and Jan van Loon successfully connected a patient’s toe with the vessels in his hand.

A study found that more driving errors occurred behind the wheel when young drivers were familiar with the music as opposed to music they hadn’t heard before. Driving in silence fell somewhere in between these both of these.

Located in Kawasaki, Japan, the escalator is located in the basement of More’s department store.

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