24 Fast Food Photos To Spark Nostalgia

Enjoy these 24 nostalgic images that will make you crave the flavors of the past!

Menu, c.1974.

McDonald’s in the early 50s.

The McDonald brothers in front of the not yet opened first McDonald’s, November 1948, San Bernadino, CA.

The first “McDonald’s” restaurant in San Bernardino ca. 1948.

The First Subway Store, 1965.

Jenna Fischer while working in a fast food restaurant in the 80s.

“My dad next to a KFC menu in China, 1992.”

My mom, Burger King Employee, circa 1976.

Bill Clinton in a McDonald’s in the 90s after jogging.

16-year-old Wayne Gretzky has breakfast at McDonald’s on Jan. 15, 1978 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

McDonald’s worker in 1980.

Burger King In 1998.

Wendy’s Employees 1980.

Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder, early 1970s.

Russians wait in line outside the first McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Moscow, 1991.

Lines to visit the first McDonald’s in Moscow, USSR. January 31, 1990.

Still from a 1974 Burger King ad.

Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth rocking out at McDonald’s, 1978.

McDonald’s menu during 1973.

Jack In The Box drive thru in 1960.

Woman eating a hot dog at a picnic table outside Casey’s Caboose, a fast food restaurant in Montgomery, Alabama, June 1974.

Peggy O’neill’s fast-food restaurant, somewhere in Los Angeles County, 8/6/1958.

Before McDonald’s revolutionized fast food, car hops served food on rollerskates direct to the car. Florida 1967.

“The Tracker,” a fast food restaurant in LA California, 1949. Your order would be slid out to you on tracks.

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