24 Kids That Should Be Proud To Have Such Cool Parents

“My mom and dad, 1955. This was taken at her house prior to their first date. They were married for 60 years.”

“My mom and me. Look how chill I look! Argentina, 1982.”

“My parents, I assume in 1992 or 93. They still flirt as if they just met.”

“My cool mom and dad back in 1990 — my father was a sculptor and my mom was a painter.”

“My mom walking on sunshine on her first date with my dad. Mission Beach, San Diego, 1981.”

“So my dad looked like a Pakistani Bruno Mars in the 80s”

If your mom didn’t lie on the ground and make herself into a ramp for your new BMX, did she even love you?

“My parents met 50 years ago today on a blind date.”

“My father in 1987 with one of his prized catches”

“My gorgeous mom, circa 1967”

“My dad’s first day on the job, 1987”

“My dad’s self-portrait, circa 1980”

“My dad, 80s fighter pilot”

“My parents’ wedding day in the 1980s”

“My dad in the mid-80s after finally saving enough money for his first car. He worked in the fields of California picking fruit.”

“My dad playing guitar on top of a giant stack with the band Heart — Japan Jam ’79”

“My dad in the Philippines (early 1980s)”

“My mom and grandmother on mom’s wedding day May 11, 1968”

“My dad before prom in the 70s. His brother is a professional photographer and got this legendary photo.”

“My mom, about to go on a date, 1972”

“My mom, 5 months pregnant with me and my sibs (triplets), in 1992”

“My dad and his first puppy, 1990”

“My dad and my mom shortly after he got hired as a pilot at United, 1978”

Bonus: The late Steve Irwin and his son, Robert Irwin, feeding the same crocodile, Murray, in the same place, but 15 years apart.


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