24 Life Hacks That Actually Make Things A Little Easier


“Drilling a hole in the ceiling? This saves you from dust debris!”



“If you’re like me and have a broken laptop hinge…”



“My girlfriend came up with a crazy-good microwave life hack for multiple plates! Heats up evenly!”



“When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for just 1 recipe”



“No more power cord chaos!”



“Use the wire from takeout containers to stop laundry detergent from dripping/leaking all over your appliances!”



“Writing dates and hours on the packaging of your medication eliminates the “did I remember to take it this afternoon or do I need to take it now” problem.”



“You can laugh all you want, but… effective.”



“Put one of these over the switch of your garbage disposal to prevent accidentally turning it on.”



“Reuse a Pringles can for other snacks that come in bags to avoid loud bag crinkling in the office.”



“Wear thick wool socks in new shoes around the house for an hour to break them in. It makes shoes much more comfortable.”



“Instead of buying expensive cat houses, make them out of cardboard.”



“Buy carnivorous plants instead of solely using insect repellent.”



“You can connect 2 ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one.”



“A use for the leftovers in your coffee pot”



“This is how you secure valuable items on the beach. (Pretty handy tool if you have kids.)”



“Tie some eucalyptus to your shower head. It will make an amazing scent with the steam.”



“How to easily carry clothes when moving.”



“Changed one of the earbud rubber pieces to black. Black is right and white is left, so you can quickly see which is which.”



“Make coffee and eggs at the same time.”



When you have an in-window AC unit and blackout curtains blocking as much light as possible, use neodymium magnets.



“Potted plant lifehack to keep squirrels from digging up your potted plants. Use old forks and knives to stop the digging.”



“Renting? Use a suction shower rack as a spice rack for your kitchen.”


“When disassembling items, punch your screws through some cardboard and label the sets. This will help you retain your hardware and remember the placement and order of reassembly.”

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