24 Lifehacks That Can Be Very Useful

“Grate some toast for easy breadcrumbs!”

“Use a tarp in a snowstorm so your dog can go to the bathroom”

“Great way to carry super glue in backpack/purse without worrying about it leaking”

“If your Sofa or Loveseat has one of these little flaps made out of the same material as the sofa, you should know it is provided to test cleaning agents on.”

“Use bottle lids to hold pressfit baby gates in place.”

“A fitted sheet at the beach can come in handy as a picnic area”

“Hideaway desk to “hideaway” office kitchen”

“Life hack: Lowe’s and Home Depot have free pressure treated pallet stringers in the back! Great for small projects. Just don’t take too many, they don’t mind you taking 10-20.”

“Use an egg slicer to cut mushrooms.”

“‘When making garlic bread (store bought or homemade), slice the bread before baking it. That way once it’s done, you just pull a slice off instead of having to cut hot bread and getting crumbs everywhere.”

“No more groceries all over the trunk!”

“No more groceries all over the trunk!”

“Muffin tin snack tray: organized and no cross-snack contaimination”

“I punch 3 holes inside the sealing rim of my paint can on the side I plan to pour out of to help with keeping your work area clean and wasting paint”

“Use cardboard to cover houseplant potting soil if you’ve got babies or pets that like to dig in it.”

“Your mask can be a pocket square for a moment.”

“A CD rack holds ramen perfectly”

“Fold square cheese into triangles to help it fit rectangular bread”

“Sew a piece of microfiber on the (inside) end of your shirt so you can clean your glasses more easily.”

“Wanna store cake in a container but don’t want to dig it out later? Flip a tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom.”

“Got too many earrings? Get yourself some sticky cork to organise!”

“Been storing my headphones in this sour candy case for years, wanted to share”

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