24 Movie Clichés That Are So Overused

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  1. 1. People are convinced that someone is a vampire/alien/whatever awfully easily. In real life — if it turned out there really were such things as vampires, etc — people would be looking for “scientific explanations” way after the evidence was overwhelming.
    2. Young person learns that he or she is really royalty or has magic powers or has some other amazing gift that most people would kill for. But instead of being happy about it, they whine “but I just want to be normal”. I might believe it if after living this new life for a few months, they discovered there were downsides and concluded that life was better when they didn’t have all this. But I have a hard time believing that that would be someone’s first reaction.
    3. Pretty, 90 pound girl turns out to be able to beat up a dozen big, strong men simultaneously. Whoever did this first, yes, it was cool because it was surprising and fun. Now it’s just silly.

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