24 Movies With Perfect Younger Versions Of Movie Stars

Daisy in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (Played by Elle Fanning as a child and Cate Blanchett as an adult)

Sirius in Harry Potter (played by James Walters as a teenager and Gary Oldman as an adult)

Shirley In “Haunting Of Hill House” (Played By Lulu Wilson As A Kid And Elizabeth Reaser As An Adult)

Elton John in “Rocketman” (Played by Kit Connon as a child and Taron Egerton as an adult)

Stanley In “It” (Played By Wyatt Oleff As A Kid And Andy Bean As An Adult)

C.C. in “Beaches” (Played by Mayim Bialik as younger self and Bette Midler as older self)

William in T”his is Us” (played by Jermel Nakia as a young adult and Ron Cephas Jones as an older adult)

Snow In Once Upon A Time (Played By Bailee Madison As A Kid And Ginnifer Goodwin As An Adult)

Don Vito Corleone From “The Godfather” (Robert De Niro As Young Vito, And Marlon Brando As Older Self)

Sylvia in “The Burning Plain” (Played by Jennifer Lawrence as the younger self and Charlize Theron as the older self)

Joe In “You” (Played By Gianni Ciardiello As A Kid And Penn Badgley As An Adult)

Lucy In 13 Going On 30 (Played By Alexandra Kyle As A Kid And Judy Greer As An Adult)

Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings (Played by Martin Freeman as younger self and Ian Holm as older self)

Nemo From “Mr Nobody” (Thomas Byrne As Young Nemo, Jared Leto As Older Nemo)

Allie Calhoun From “The Notebook” (Rachel Mcadams As Younger Self And Gena Rowlands As Older Self)

Loki In Thor (Played By Ted Allpress As A Kid And Tom Hiddleston As An Adult)

Tristan in “Tristan & Isolde” (Played by Thomas Sangster as a child and James Franco as an adult)

Margot In Paper Towns (Played By Hannah Alligood As A Kid And Cara Delevingne As An Adult)

Jacob in Water for Elephants (Played by Robert Pattinson as younger self and Hal Holbrook as older self)

Elena In Little Fires Everywhere (Played By Annasophia Robb As A Young Adult And Reese Witherspoon As An Older Adult)

John In Ted (Played By Bretton Manley As A Kid And Mark Wahlberg As An Adult)

Mike in “IT” (Played by Chosen Jacobs as a child and Isaiah Mustafa as an adult)

Jean Gray In “Dark Phoenix” (Played By Summer Fontana As A Kid And Sophie Turner As A Teenager)

Agent K From “Man In Black” (Josh Brolin As Young Agent K And Tommy Lee Jones As Older Self)

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