24 People Share Their Surprising Finds

“I found this bee with my metal detector today.”

“A shard of porcelain I found diving on a wreck.”

“I found a teeny tiny conch shell in my pack of decorative rocks.”

“Found a baby snapping turtle walking across my driveway.”

“This big old padlock I found at work.”

“Sea shell in my sea salt.”

“This rock I found looks like a speech bubble.”

“I found a paystub from 1948 being used as a bookmark in a cookbook.”

“Mom cleaned out her pantry cabinet and found four generations of Wyler’s beef cubes. Oldest one expired 2/14/1989.”

“Original Dr Pepper that was buried in the garden, the soda turned clear.”

“While cleaning out the storage room at my new job today, I found a newspaper from 1893.”

“Found a stingray barb while at work.”

“Found a mutated daisy.”

“I found my dad’s 7th grade report card from 1948.”

“My father found these old USSR military hats that his grandfather gave him when he went to Russia right at the time of the USSR’s collapse.”

“Found an old key while renovating my 100+ year old house.”

“Today, I found a tiny shell in my sea salt!”

“Found a pearl in my oyster.”

“This boot I found in the woods is covered in moss.”

“Found these McDonalds gift certificates from 2001 (top) and 1998 (bottom) while cleaning my room.”

“I found a toilet seat guitar at a pawn shop.”

“Found a cheez-it family today.”

“Found this battery at the beach that collected minerals and debris at the ends.”

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