24 People Who Decided To Save Money On Their Wedding Day

“We had a 3-tiered pizza stand at our wedding. And instead of a cake cutting ceremony, my wife and I had a pizza cutting ceremony!”

“It originally cost $154 but was on clearance for $56, and I had a discount for my birthday and a $10 coupon. As a result, this dress cost me $9! My sister was upset because her outfit for my wedding was more expensive!”

“Our celebration for 24 people cost only $99! Despite many failures and last-minute changes, I’m happy. We have ignored most of the traditions and did the wedding absolutely our own way!”

“I found a dress for $260. It was only possible to buy a dress online, but I was absolutely satisfied!”

“My friends had their wedding ceremony in our new house while it was still empty. We’re moving in next week, but it was a great pre-housewarming.”

“When I almost lost hope of finding something worthwhile, I found this dress for $99.”

“I got the dress from Amazon for $100 along with the veil for $10, the earrings for $2, and the flowers for $25. I think I pulled it off well!”

“We built the arch for our wedding ourselves. It was $80 for the materials and took about 2 hours to put together.”

“I made myself a wedding coat and a dress. They have about 70,000 hand-sewn sequins. And I drew all the patterns myself.”

“I made a bouquet for my sister’s wedding with succulents from my yard.”

“We wanted to have a wedding for less than $3,000. The dress, for example, cost only $15. It was the best decision for us.”

“I bought this dress in a secondhand store for $20 and remade it. I really like the way it looks in the photo. And this homemade bouquet was just $3.”

“This is my engagement puppy (instead of a ring). I’ve wanted a dog my whole life. And this is a great way to show that you’re ready to start a family.”

“This is a dress from an expensive boutique. But the model is discontinued so it cost less.”

“I went to try on dresses at a boutique that was way over my price range. I told the shopping assistant that my absolute maximum budget was $600 but the stylist said that the dresses on the floor started at around $1,000. But she was so nice and found me a beautiful discontinued dress in the basement for $400!”

“I made my own wedding invitations and am so happy with how they turned out!”

“I thrifted my wedding dress and have no complaints! I plan to continue the thrifting chain.”

You can make confetti from things other than paper.

“I made my own wedding dress. It was a challenge that took 165 hours!”

“And here’s the same dress on me vs after it was finished.”

“My $352 wedding dress! And it’s better than any designer dress I’ve tried on.”

“My wedding arch — it’s handmade and includes 1,000 paper cranes.”

“We got married and this is the only picture we took — having fun in a parking garage on our way back to the hotel.”

“Of course, I knew that I was marrying a student and that the wedding would be on a budget, but when he sent me this, I realized how wrong I was about the words, ’on a budget.’”

“I’ve been searching at thrift stores for a couple of months for my wedding attire and finally found this brand new white jumpsuit with tags for $5.”

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