24 Retro Photos That Show Your Parents’ Generation Was The Coolest

Enjoy these 24 vintage photos that remind us that our parents’ generation truly rocked!

1. “My now 80 year-old neighbor with Little Richard.”

2. “High School Auto Shop Class in the 1950s.”

3. “Roseanne Barr, Bruce Willis and Anna Nicole Smith at Planet Hollywood 1995.”

4. “Two blues legends, Albert King and Jim Morrison – in 1970.”

5. “Leonardo DiCaprio & Charlize Theron at her 22nd Birthday Party, 1997.”

6. “Johnny Cash and Elton John dressed up as each other on ‘SNL’ 1982 (Elton as musician, Johnny as host).”

7. “Monica Bellucci, 1991.”

8. “Milla Jovovich – 1993 in ‘Dazed and Confused.’”

9. “Lynda Carter leaves the pool after her swimming competition in ‘The Battle of the Network Stars’, 1976.”

10. “Betty Brosmer 1950s.”

11. “Julia Roberts and Gary Marshall on the set of ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990).”

11. “Julia Roberts and Gary Marshall on the set of ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990).”

13. “Elvis fans in 1956. Who would win between them or the Swifties?”

14. “My grandfather in 1948 when he was 23, with my mom and aunt.”

15. “Melissa Joan Hart takes Britney Spears to the nightclub in the ’90s.”

16. “Timothy Treadwell ‘The Grizzly Man’ who thought he could live with bears. Known for his crazy antics. Timothy spent 13 summers camping in Alaska until his eventual demise. Photo taken in the late 90s.”

17. “My punk/grunge mom in the early 90’s (and yes, she saw Nirvana before they were cool).”

18. “James Gandolfini dressed as a pirate (1990s).”

19. “Shakira Caine aka Mrs Michael Caine in swinging London (1971).”

20. “A behind the scenes photo of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’. (1990’s).”

21. “Sharon Tate photographed by Jack Garofalo in Cannes, 1968.”

22. “Jessica Lange at 19, in photo taken by her first husband Paco Grande (1968).”

23. “Carmen Electra (1996).”

24. “Linda Kozlowski in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ (1986).”

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