24 Side-Splitting Dad Jokes To Bring Joy To The Whole Family

Get ready to unleash the ultimate weapon of dad humor! Prepare for eye rolls, uncontrollable chuckles, and the undeniable urge to share these pun-tastic gems with anyone within earshot.

This dad framed this poster — full of reviews that don’t stink! — on his bathroom wall:

And this dad texted this photo to his kid with the message, “It finally happened!”:

This dad refuses to cut the pepperoni on his pizza, so he serves his family these nonstandard slices:

And this dad did NOT let his turn being responsible for the neighborhood sign go to waste:

This dad tacked a hilarious notice on a bulletin board:

And this dad turned a note to his kid’s phys ed teacher into a work of dad art:

It reads: “Please excuse [his kid’s name] from physical activities involving standing, running, and walking [due] to foot pain. However, if his foot falls off he won’t be in pain any more and is free to partake in normal activity.”

This dad was moving into a new apartment, so he 3D-printed a scale model of it to help him figure out where to put his stuff:

This dad sent this to his kid along with the instruction, “Post this to the internet”:

This dad ran out of chopsticks, so he used a Barbie doll (yes, you read that right) to eat his sushi:

And this dad deserves a prize for the most epic dad wallet of all time:

This very organized dad wrote out an agenda for his weekly get-together with his buddies at the bar:

This dad found a certainly not mom-approved way to transport his sleepy kid through the airport:

And this dad created his own the Onion–style newspaper:

This dad — after having an argument with his kid — left this stuffy on his kid’s doorstep…for reasons only he understands:

And this dad — also for reasons only he understands — hosted a “Burning Spam Festival” in his backyard:

This dad eats this concoction he calls “cereal”…which is really cashews and blueberries buried in milk:

This dad took making labels a little too far:

And this dad has a truly unique way of labeling his tools:

This dad says he totally knows where everything is on his desktop:

While this dad spent half an hour confused about where he left his work gloves:

And lastly, this mannequin might not be human, but it is 100% dad:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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