25+ Amazing Products For Your Office Space

rotating LED desk light you can effortlessly attach to your desk (or basically any space that desperately needs more light). It’s USB-rechargeable, rotates, has brightness and warmth settings, *and* a built-in magnet. You can even pull it off the base and use it as a flashlight! What can’t it do?!

A desktop whiteboard that fits in that teeny space between your  desktop monitor and keyboard for writing memos, to-dos, or even ideas on what you’d like to do after work! It even has a little pull-out drawer to hold your dry-erase markers and other trinkets you may need.

A comfy memory foam chair cushion because if we have to sit all day for work, we might as well do it in utter ✨comfort✨.

A slim laptop stand so you can raise your laptop and bring it closer to eye level making it way less straining on your neck. It’s especially handy if you use it alongside a desktop monitor. Not only is this better for your posture when working at your desk, but your laptop gets proper ventilation and won’t overheat.

A set of cable clips that’ll finally detangle that clump of cables on your desk that no matter how much time you spend unraveling it, it can’t seem to stay apart. Plus, you’ll look super organized and put together, two things no one can ever call me, even with these.

An essential-oil diffuser to create a soothing environment that’ll calm the mind from those never ending email notifications. It *also* functions as a humidifier.

wireless keyboard and mouse set that’ll instantly brighten up an otherwise boring desk area so you can finish your work in utter style. Really, though, just look at how fun those keys look to click on!

Or an ergonomic shaped keyboard so typing all day doesn’t feel like it’s causing havoc on your poor wrists and fingers. Carpal tunnel who? Nah, not you.

A desktop vacuum cleaner because we spend at least eight hours at our desks working (and snacking), which means crumbs happen. This mini vacuum will suck up all the crud, keeping the work station clean and ready to be used. Long story short, yes, you can go back to eating your Nature Valley bars with confidence.

A memory foam gel pad that’ll provide much-needed cushion to your wrists while you’re typing all of those passive aggressive emails. Per my last email…

A wall-mounted shelf desk perfect for smaller spaces when you can’t have an *entire* office space, but still want to have a little corner to do all of your work without the temptation of your living room TV. 

A 24-inch budget-friendly monitor because once you realize you can do your job waaay more efficiently with a larger screen, you won’t be going back to work on the couch. Not only will it give you a much larger workspace, but you can also drag windows seamlessly between your connected laptop and monitor!

A multi-plug outlet for when you only have one measly outlet in your little office corner, but have a ton of electronics you use daily.

A rechargeable rhythm light stand to add a fun and colorful touch to your office space. The best part? It’ll react to any noise it hears, so you can blast your favorite work playlist and watch the bar dance!

Colorful, easy-to-install LED strips that’ll add some nifty backlighting to your monitor and/or desk and *really* make working from your home office exciting. Fun fact: Adding backlighting can actually help reduce eye strain by reducing the contrast between your screen’s brightness and the rest of the room! 

A transparent monitor attachment so you can organize your notes *and* even put your phone at the bottom so it’s within easy reach!

An adjustable mesh desk chair because it’s time to stop sitting in that awkward, way-too-soft couch cushion with zero lumbar support. This bad boy  has a breathable mesh lining for extra hot days, adjustable flip-up armrests, a neck rest, *and* even a recline function!

Or an ergonomic exercise ball chair that’s designed to engage both your body and mind using micro-movements — this can actually help boost your focus! If that’s not enough, it can even help reduce pressure on your lower back and shoulders. If you struggle a lot with pain and restlessness while trying to focus on work in your home office (which is why you use the couch), give this a try!

An adjustable standing desk converter, because sitting on the couch *and* at a desk all day is terrible for our health. This converter can help transform your home office so you can take standing breaks throughout the day while working. It also functions as a regular monitor stand so you can set your screen at eye level.

A levitating light bulb lamp guaranteed to add a touch of whimsy to your study. Bonus points if you use a wand to trick guests into thinking the lamp is under some sort of enchantment.

A desk organizer so you can keep all your knickknacks, files, folders, books, etc. all on proper display, leaving your coffee table in the living room finally free of work clutter.

A compact rolling desk bike practically guaranteed to keep you active all day long while answering endless work emails.

A document clip you can attach to your laptop’s screen so you don’t have to do that dizzy “up and down” glance when you’re trying to cross check your digital and physical notes.

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