25 Animals That Don’t Care Who To Be Friends With

Morning kisses from Baby Alex to Thomas

Charlie meets with his sheeple

Bambi and the good boy

Helen, the blind buffalo, and her BFF Uma at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

How to tame your cat

Piggy Sue and Phoenix have been friends from the very beginning at RASTA Sanctuary

Rescue puppy and Rescue pigeon pals

Best buds… New album dropping soon

Feeding the shoal

Champy and Morris are BFFs and are always hanging out together

Left the cage open for a minute and this happened.

Best friends 6 years running. Tikko and apollo

Flippy’s attempt at getting Hank in the Christmas spirit.

These are my boys Lou and Samwhise. They love to chill under the UV lamp together

I want to live in this neighborhood, the street gangs are ridiculously cute

Snuggle buddies come in all sizes

Doggo Bringing Home His New Friend

Friendship knows no bounds.

You Are Now My Fren

My Lucian and a Sea Otter – secret conference!

A peaceful turtle surrounded by butterflies

Wesley the blind cat and Hercules the boxer x mastiff, and their secret love affair, usually when they see a human they run in opposite directions.

When you rescue several kids at once and they have to live in the house until they’re old enough to move outside with the big kids at Black Goat Farm Sanctuary

Tame Coyote Playing With The Cat It Grew Up With

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