25 Astonishing And Quirky Historical Photographs

You’re not the only one who finds today’s world a bit ‘crazy.’ However, it’s worth noting that life on Earth has always had its peculiarities. Whether you look back 20 years or 200, humans have been engaged in some rather eccentric activities ever since we harnessed fire in a cave.

In 1956, British Photographer Grace Robertson Spent The Day With Women Who Drank At A South London Pub On Their Outing To Margate, Kent, England

These Screaming Baby Dolls Made From Bisque Porcelain By German Doll Maker Kestner From The 1920s

Philip Garner High Heel Roller Skate, 1962

Strange Vintage Photos Of People Milking Cow Into Cat’s Mouth From The 1920s

Every Christmas You Try To Innovate And Surprise Your Visitors, Maybe It’s Time To Find An Old Cookbook

Considered Now To Be One Of The Greatest Milliners And Hat-Makers In The World, The Hats David Shilling Designed For His Mother Gertrude To Be Worn At Royal Ascot In The 1960s, 1970s And 1980s Were Anywhere From Over The Top, To Avant-Garde, To Just Plain Insane

Meanwhile, In 1898 Montana

Harold Lloyd’s Magnificent (Year-Round) Christmas Tree

It’s Dangerous To Leave A Small Baby Unattended In The Bathtub, And Yet, When The Telephone Rings Or The Doorbell Must Be Answered, It Is Sometimes Inconvenient Not To Be Able To Do So

Apparently In The 1930s, Pageants Requiring The Contestants To Cover Their Faces Was Quite Commonplace, Whether For The Purpose Of Judging Only Their Bodies, Or Only Their Eyes, Which Are Both Scenarios

Couple Cuddling While Sitting In A Hole As Others Enjoy The Beach On The 4th Of July In Santa Monica, California, 1950. (Photographed By Ralph Crane)

Original Polaroid Of Ventriloquist Head Circa 1975, From Jim Linderman’s Collection

The Cheerleader

We Can Recognize The Pumpkin To The Right But It Will Probably Take Us Some More Time To Guess The Character To The Left

This Mask Could Come Straight From A Horror Film, Originally It Even Had False Teeth Stitched Into Its Mouth. It Is Made Of Leather, With Real Teeth Fixed In The Mouth And Human Hair Attached To The Forehead

As Ridiculous Looking As It Was, The Braun Astronette Remained In Production For Many Years In Both Europe And South America. Some Units Were Made In Argentina Meaning You Can Still Find A 110v That Will Work In The United States

Krampus Sees You When You’re Sleeping, He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good — And He Is Coming For You!

A Sailor “Meets” His Baby For The First Time After Fourteen Months At Sea, 1940s

A Couple At A Fair In Mexico, 1940

In September Of 1992, Pearl Jam, In Order To Celebrate Their Seeming Overnight Success, Staged A Free Show In Seattle’s Magnusson Park For Over 70,000 People

An Iconic And Widely Influential Horror Film That Shocked French Audiences Upon Its Debut, ‘Eyes Without A Face’ (Les Yeux Sans Visage) Of 1960 Remains Powerful Today In Its Tale Of Obsession And Murder

The Braathens, Sverre And Faye, Were Active And Avid Circus Fans And Collectors

Pictures Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Walking Through Munich In Swimming Trunks In Order To Promote His Own Gym, 1967

Could Be The Man In The Moon, Circa 1894-1895. (Photo By Nadar)

Doug Coombs Dropping Into Corbert’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 1989

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