25 Breathtaking Bushcraft Photography Moments

These captivating images capture the essence of outdoor survival skills and the raw beauty of nature.

Weekend trip was a success.

We built a ‘countertop fire’ because we could.

Quick spoon carving.

My girlfriend goes camping with me for one reason only.

Yummy foraged food.

Locally foraged bow-drill kit including Lantana hearth board.

Kephart (mini) trio, small tools, big possibilities.

After years of learning, I finally did some bushcrafting!

Denmark tour with my girlfriend.

Bushcraft gate with blacksmithed gate lock.

Sewing kit.

Spent a night camping with a tarp in the ash woodland near me.

Ideas for repurposing old tarp?

Trying bushcraft with my backpacking setup.

Would a fence like this keep animals like boars (not bears!) away?

Bush craft.

Repaired my glasses while camping with some twine and twig.

Coastal fishing and gathering success in Southern Norway- enough fish and berries for 3 guides and 3 clients.

I’m a knife-maker and usually make small slipjoints and small fixed blades. I wanted to try something different.

Let’s talk axes.

I want to learn to sail. So I bought a cheap kayak and made sails, outriggers, leeboards, and rudder for it. It sails!

Not to brag, but I honestly don’t think feathers get much better than this…

I build this campfire place to boil water for tea.

My Fathers Ruana.

Restored my Grandfather’s Norlund Voyager.


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