25 Cool Home Renovations

“My living room renovation BEFORE & AFTER”

“Hallway & Stairs renovation in my 1890’s Victorian Terrace (UK)”

“My Mom completely rebuilt her home after a wildfire burned a large portion of it. Figured I’d share the result here. She did everything herself without a General Contractor. I need to get back over there to get some better pictures.”

“White oak arched pantry. Detroit, MI. Highly functional but mostly gorgeous. Favorite build yet.”

“New apartment renovation!”

“Before and after”

“Designed and created these curtain rods and hardware for this updated back room lounge. The room has a “mid century tropical” vibe. Rods are solid oak, with painted aluminum end caps and brackets.”

“6 Months Later, its finally coming together! Suggestions welcome in regard to what we can do with the wall behind the sofa, its a 12ft high ceiling.”

“Micro office I created out of a really junky hall closet”

“Dining room update”

“Everybody said don’t make the toilet room dark/black so that’s what I did. Do you like it ?”

“Tiny kitchen before-and-after”

“Bottle green tiles with a hint of gold chrome plated accessories – Love the contrast in this bathroom”

“My before & after! I’m a first time home owner, SAHM who did this as a total noob with my husband. Couldn’t have done it without the help of this sub.”

“The process of taking down our kitchen wall and creating more of an open layout from the kitchen to dining room! We love how spacious this feels! Here are some bts and after!”

“Complete kitchen remodel of 1965 home.”

“Before and after of our kitchen!”

“Updates to my in-law’s master bath! Not done just yet but thought I’d show you the progress”

“After 12 years, I finally got these chairs reupholstered! I thought you guys would appreciate them. Now they are jade velvet.”

“Who else bases their design around plants?”

“My kitchen remodel before and after”

“My bedroom remodel I (M 28) did as a little hobby project. (Before and afters)”

“Guys.. a staircase, wine rack and bar I designed and built. The customer then asked me to remove the wall and build oak bifold doors so that they could look at it… also fitted the kitchen”

“Little bathroom before & after”

“Before and after of my bathroom remodel!”

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