25+ Cool Interior Designs From The 1980s

“When Your Office Building Has A Foyer With A Restaurant, Waterfall With Pond, Skylight And Tropical Planting Commercial Interiors International – Grosvenor Press 1986”

“Mcdonald’s Party Room – 1981”

“Hanging Plants, Wicker And Windows! The Los Angeles Times California Home Book, 1982”

“Who’s Coming Dancing? Restaurant Design – 1987”

“This Bathing Annex On The End Of A Modern Suburban Home Epitomises Peace And Relaxation. A Sunken Tub Of Pure White Tile Is Trimmed With Hand-Painted Blue And Gold Tiles In A Room Equally Clean, Pure And Neatly Boarded By Tile, Plants, And Windows”

“Skylight Anyone? The International Book Of Lofts – Susan Slesin, Stafford Cliff, Daniel Rozensztroch 1986”

“Apartment Life Magazine – 1980”

Source: www.instagram.com

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