25+ Cool Things From Amazon That Reviewers Truly Love

doggie doorbell that’ll take your interspecies communication to a whole new level. Most puppers figure out quick that a nose-boop to the button says “please let me out,” which is really helpful for mutts who have a hard time communicating this through barking or scratching.

makeup organizer with room for everything that rotates so it’s easy to find what you need.

 A pair of drawstring terry shorts for lounging around in or wearing to a Zoom meeting, because business wear is from the waist up now. Reviewers like that the waist is adjustable, so they’re good for everybody and every body.

 tailgating chair with back ventilation, a carrying case and two cupholders (including one that’s extra large — nice!). It features your favorite team logo, so nobody gets confused about whose side you’re on. Many reviewers say they like this one because it’s comfy for them, where other chairs can be flimsy or just too darn small.

 bucket tool organizer to turn any ol’ five-gallon into an instant toolbox. Reviewers are all grateful to have found this wonder, and it’s one of those things that once you have one, you immediately want more.

A hard-topped silicone ice pop mold that comes with accessories like sticks, bags, and a recipe book. It’s really easy to get your frozen treats out of, for frustration-free homemade treat for you or your pets this summer.

A wingback upholstered dining chair, counter-height stool, or barstool for a fun pop of color. The style is oh-so in right now and these are actually ~great quality~ furniture.

A pair of fun sandals designed by Katy Perry that have fruit or flowers or other delightfully quirky things at the big toe, and that everyone says win them a ton of compliments.

A lightweight set of two hanging plant pots with drainage (don’t worry, it comes with plugs for indoor use if you need them). Reviewers compliment it for looking great and being easy to handle.

ceiling fan that looks like an airplane propeller (adorable!) and also moves air like nobody’s business. Cute and functional? Be still my butch heart!

power strip tower with nine regular outlets and four highspeed USB charging ports that does all the regular power strip stuff like surge protection and overload warnings, in a neat design that actually stays put and can live on top of your table.

xylophone specially designed for those infamously musical fowl: chickens! They peck at it instead of each other and the hundreds of positive reviewers are as entertained as they are relieved.

A classic Rawlings baseball glove reviewers swear is made to last a lifetime. These are for slow-pitch recreational games and sized for adults.

 A chunky watch folks like to wear to work or anytime. It tells the time and looks good on your wrist, which is all anyone ever asked of it.

A set of four cutting boards and a stand that are nice and thick, don’t take up much space, have handles, and are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination.

An air compressor to fill balls and tires and run air-based power-tools. This one is good to go in just a few minutes, saving you time and frustration. It’s also lightweight, so you can tote it with you to air up your tires for after beach driving or to improve your gas mileage.

A pair of Adidas Adilette sandals with straps so you can sport this easy-on footwear with more traction.

A gallon of Kilz high-adhesion primer, because I know paint and this is the good stuff. It goes on easy, dries fast, sticks to anything, and hides everything. And it passes the fingernail test every time! Nothing else compares, and the 1,000+ 5-star ratings reflect that.

cardboard cat scratcher from those pet geniuses at FurHaven, with models ranging from basic rectangles to puzzles and multi-story manses. Reviewers praise their sturdiness, how easy they are to put together, and the superb distraction they pose towards otherwise destroying their furniture.

balance board with a ton of positive reviews that people say is a solid choice for balance training, stabilization exercises, PT, or as an alternative to a desk chair.

 A set of dishwasher-safe, porcelain, gold-rimmed teacups and saucers to glam up your daily coffee, tea, or espresso ritual. Reviewers are really impressed by the quality, and of course the general air of classiness.

floor and reading lamp that 200+ reviewers have called “perfect.” It has multiple light modes and is remote-controlled so you can set just the right vibe, even from across the room. The top is meant to cast a warm glow upwards, to deliver the same illumination with a softer reflected cast.

A pair of tinted Speedo googles for kids ages 6 to 14, to keep their darling eyes safe from chlorine *and* the sun *and* other irritants this summer. People think these really are the best on the market, and after comparison-shopping myself, I agree.

fleece blanket that glows in the dark and is such a bright idea for the kids in your life or kids at heart. Reviewers rave it holds up in the wash, recharges quickly, and glows a long time.

An easy-open dog poo bag folks go gaga for because it’s extra large, mega strong, and 100% guaranteed not to leak. They’re also made with recycled packaging and available scent-free for all y’all with fragrance sensitivities like I’ve got.

A bestselling faux-distressed rug you can get in every size imaginable and that has a pattern reviewers swear by to hide dirt and stains.

A soft lunchbox to tote treats to picnics or work that reviewers say holds more than they expected and keeps everything nice and cold.

A slim-fit printed poplin short sleeve button-down shirt that wins high praise for rad patterns and holding up perfectly in the wash.

puzzle for dogs you hide treats in to keep your food-motivated canine friend entertained by frustrating them with hard-to-liberate snacks.

32-ounce water bottle emblazoned with your favorite NFL team logo to help keep you hydrated this summer. It’s not just a branded gimmick: reviewers rave it’s also a pretty good water bottle!

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