25 Curious Things From Our World

“First aid kit consisting of seven glass ampules including ones containing cocaine, morphine and caffeine, French,c. 1900-1910 “

Amazon delivery in Venice.

5 strawberries fused into one.

“This bird eggshell that fell from a tree and got impaled by a sharp plant .”

” Just some of the 2,000 different types of potatoes in Peru “

“This 1000 year old Buddhist statue revealed the skeleton of a monk when it was CAT scanned. “

The insides of a gas pump.

“Meet Mr. Trash Wheel. It patrols the Baltimore Harbor collecting trash, already collecting more than 500,000 kilograms of trash so far “

“They are setting up American Ninja Warrior to be filmed next to my office this week.”

“Street artists Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed teamed up to paint giant bookcase on an apartment building featuring residents’ favorite books in Utrecht, Netherlands.”

“This is one connected statue overhanging the Singaporean river. “

Underground aquarium on the sidewalk.

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