25 Drivers That Should Throw Their Drivers License Into The Trash

“15 yr old in my neighborhood hit these three cars then ran back inside their apartment in a panic. Cops eventually brought the kid out in cuffs “

“Both the black car and the white suv were trying to turn left and stopped to argue who was wrong(er) for blocking the other, while simultaneously blocking everyone else.”

What do you mean I’m above my towing capacity?

“She took her tire and went home. “

“She looked right at me and then pulled out, blocking my clear lane to the intersection. There was a whole train of cars in the left lane sitting still.”

I wonder how many he started with? i

“Saw this guy on the highway going around 60mph. One of the chairs almost flew out, but the guy in the bed grabbed it in time.”

“This guy kept creeping into the intersection like it would make the left turn light change to green faster.”

“A woman in Wiesbaden (Germany) used the wrong fuel for her car and tried to remove it with a vacuum cleaner at a gas station.”

“This man rear ended me while texting and driving. Don’t text and drive”

“Throwback to when I thought I knew how to use my Pilots 4WD system, equipped with street tires, with my first week of having my license, enough said.”

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