25 Genius Moments Parents Outsmarted Their Kids

А collection showcasing the funniest and most ingenious moments when parents outwitted their children.

Get This Man A Phd


What Was The Thought Process?

Glad This Didn’t Exist When I Was A Kid

What The Heck

My Brother Everybody…

I Dont Know What To Say

Kids Are Way Too Gullible

The Anniversary Of This One.. I Was The 11 Year Old

Ah Yes, How To Get A ‘Free’ Cookie

Beautiful Message For Veteran’s Day

So Caring

Never Felt Better

I Have No Idea How Mad I Should Be

What A Pleasant Thought

Fun For All The Family


Kick Me Again When I’m Sleeping

5 Year Old Donated $400

My Little Brother’s Got This On His Wall

A Better Version Of Hide N Seek

Having To Call Toxicology


My Daughter’s Elementary School Emailed This Photo So Parents Can Claim Lost Glasses. The School Only Has 190 Students

My Literal 7 Year Old Daughter Answering A Philosophical Question For School Work

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