25+ History-Making Photos That Will Give You Goosebumps

There have been some frightening things that happened in history and these pictures prove it. Not everything was simple back then, there were some scary things going on. These pictures from r/oldschoolcreepy show some of the scariest and creepiest things from our history.

Photo of Vaughn Bateson found inside book The Devil Told the Doctor

St. Louis world’s fair 1963

Sgt. Leonard Siffleet beheading 1943

Baby rattle, 1930s

Dripping doll heads at the factory, 1947

18th century puppets

Albert Einstein with an Albert Einstein Puppet

9-year-old bride with 22-year-old husband, Tenessee 1937

Abandoned house in the woods

Bunny Costumes from 1910

Buster Brown ad 1907

Real dracula mansion, Transylvania 1920s

Circus performers 1897

Freckle removal surgury 1930s

Morgan County Tenessee family in front of their house 1910


Jimmy Armstrong, circus clown 1958

Child with Krampus, 1949

Halloween 1977

Mickey and Minnie Mouse 1930s

Criminal man catcher 1600-1800

Mickey Mouse Club meeting 1930

Behind the scenes of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Mr. Peanut 1956

Original Ronald McDonald, 1963

Apache ghost dance ceremony, 1906

Myrtle Corbin born with four legs, 1880

San Francisco, 1937

Behind the scenes of “The Shining”

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