25+ Interesting Google Maps Finds

From bizarre landmarks and street art to peculiar sightings and hidden messages, these surprising discoveries reveal a fascinating side of the world we live in.

“A 40 Year Old Man Went Missing After Night Out. 22 Years Later, A Local Man Was Looking On Google Maps And Spotted A Car In The Lake. When The Car Was Searched, The Missing Man’s Skeletal Remains Were Found Inside”

“A 40-year-old man went missing after a night out. 22 years later, a local man was looking on google maps and spotted a car in the lake. When the car was searched, the missing man’s skeletal remains were found inside.”

“In Letea, Tulcea, Romania, Google Maps Car Was Actually A Carriage”

“It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A… Flying Rabbit In Poland?! 49.9179962,19.9373255”

“The Google Maps Driver Forgot To Stop The Recording”

“In An Effort To Boost Tourism The Xinhua Village In China Built A Giant Qr Code From 130,000 Trees So It Can Be Scanned By Passing Planes”

“Plane Entering Warp Speed?”

“Found In A Panorama In The Middle Of The Mcclintic Wildlife Management Area Outside Point Pleasant, Wv”

“I Think The Matrix Is Low On Energy”

“Escaped Prisoner Found Near A Jail”

“Deep Forest Hole (Russia). (67.8961230, 145.1598760)”

“The Seattle Center Has Fallen To Giant Spiders! Flee, For There Is No Salvation From Their Hunger!’

““The End!” Spelled Out In Shipping Crates Next To The Rivian Car Manufacturing Plant In Normal, Il. (40.5140640, -89.0546155)”

“This Low Overpass Knocked The Streetview Camera Off Its Mount”

“Looking At A House On Street View I’m Interested In Buying And Found A Mysterious Naked Big Foot On Street View”

“There Is A Jeep(?) Ditched In A Pond Near Key West, Fl”

“Declaration Of Love I Found On The Island Of Gotland, Sweden”

“Red Indian Lake, Newfoundland With A Square Of Winter Weather Around Millertown”

“Distorted View Of Some Kid’s Bedroom, Found In The Atlantic Ocean. Coordinates Are -51.2630635,8.3682772”

“Weird Facility Near White Sands Missile Range Nm”

“This Drawning Shed I Found In The Middle Of Nowhere In Finland”

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