25+ Most Outrageous, Creepy, And Unsanitary Properties Currently Up For Sale

This list features properties that are incredibly bizarre, unsettling, and unsanitary, all of which are currently available for sale.

“The Only Photo For A Hundred Acre Property”

“Covering Up The Missing Tile On The Ceiling With That Sign Will Totally Help Sell This House”

“Photographer Took Several Shots And Combined Them For Best Lighting, And We Ended Up With A Ghost Cat In The Listing Photos For My Old House!”

“An Apartment In London That Has No Front Door. Just A Set Of Stairs Leading Up To A Window”

“Can’t Really Blame Them. I Wouldn’t Get Any Closer, Either”

“I Don’t Think He Trusts The Realtor”

“When You Run Out Of Staging Money…”

“I Have No Words… A Realtor Friend In The Pacific Nw Came Across This On Their Mls”

“Does He Come With The House, Or?”

“We Need One Picture That Will Really Make People Say “I Need To See This House””

“Real Estate Listing Or Crime Scene Photos???”

“This Detailed Overview Photo Of A Million Dollar+ Property”

Source: www.reddit.com

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