25 Photos Show How Cool Where Our Grandparents

“My grandfather, Akio Nishimura, in his college days while training as a Sumo.”

“This is my grandma, Barbara. My grandfather was absolutely in love with her. She passed away about 20 years before him, and he would read us their love letters and tell us stories about dating and when they were young.”

“My grandparents on their wedding day. My granddad died in 2007, and my grandma passed this April. I’ve always known how attractive of a couple they were, but going through her pictures earlier this year was like getting to know them all over again.”

“My grandfather during WW2. He was part of the United States Army Air Forces.”

“This is my grandma before she met my grandpa. Such a babe! She was still a looker well into her 80s and had THE most beautiful white hair.”

“My grandma and grandpa were high school sweethearts. I can’t find many photos of them together, but I think he’s very handsome.”

“This is my husband’s grandfather.”

“My grandmother was a stand-in for Gene Tierney. That’s how she met my grandfather, who was a cameraman.”

“My grandfather, John, was a US Army paratrooper in World War II, an Italian immigrant, and an all-around badass.”

“My grandparents on their wedding day.”

“My opa. He’ll always be guapo in my abuelita’s eyes.”

“My grandmother in Bel Air in 1951. She married one of the co-founders of the Jim Beam Distillery Company. They later divorced, and she moved away with the house painter, aka my grandfather.”

“My grandma, Jenny.”

“This was my grandmother in the army in the ’60s (compulsory service) at army boot camp training.”

“My grandfather, circa 1970.”

“My grandmother is one of the most physically beautiful people ever and has the kindest soul I’ve ever been lucky to know.”

“My 6’4” grandpa was a military man with two PhDs. He was apparently quite the ladies’ man, but he ended up with my grandma, the only woman who ever turned him down for a date.”

“Never got a chance to meet him, but my grandfather was definitely a looker!”

“This is my great-grandmother Josefina. The pictures are old and beat up, but she shines through the damage, obviously.”

“These are my mum’s parents on their wedding day. They were only teenagers!”

“My grandma Alva in the ’40s.”

“This is my absurdly handsome Lolo (the Filipino word for grandfather). I think this photo was taken right after college, just before he enlisted in the military and fought in WWII.”

“My grandpa, Lieutenant Commander Warren Fordham, was a pilot in the navy for 30 years and was the first person allowed to stay in the service while suffering from diabetes.”

“Here’s my stunning grandma.”

“My grandfather. I want to know why I didn’t inherit any of his good looks.”

“My grandma June, who was an absolutely iconic beauty.”

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