25+ Photos That Chronicle History’s Timeless Moments

Time continues its relentless march forward, remaining one of the rare constants in our vast universe. Despite not having experienced those bygone eras firsthand, we are fortunate to catch a glimpse of the past through historical records, archival footage, and, of course, vintage photographs.

1. Mexican Actress Maty Huitrón In 1955

2. This Is A Photo Of Dr. Eugene Lazowski, A Polish Doctor Who Saved 8,000 Jews By Creating A Fake Typhus Epidemic In Stalowa Wola (Nazi Occupied Poland), 1943

3. Hattie Mcdaniel Accepting Her Oscar In A Segregated “No Blacks” Hotel In Los Angeles For Her Role In Gone With The Wind

4. Lena Baker Was A Black Maid That Was Put On Trial For The Killing Of Her White Employer Earnest Knight For Trying To Rape Her

5. Three Young Women Eat Spaghetti On Inflatable Mattresses At Island Of Capri, 1939

6. 86-Year-Old Lao Huang, A Cormorant Fisherman Living In Yangshuo, China

7. This Is Franca Viola, An Italian Woman Who Became Famous In The 1960s For Publicly Refusing To Accept The Twisted Tradition Of Marrying Her Rapist

8. The Very First Miss Universe Pageant, 1952

9. Office Life Before The Invention Of Autocad And Other Drafting Softwares

10. Photograph Of Two Women Kissing Captioned “Um-M! That Kiss! Guess I Still Love You! Jus’ Can’t Help It!”, 1930s

11. Facial Prosthesis For A Wounded Soldier Of The First World War, 1916

12. Safety Standards In 1960s

13. This Is Margaret Ann Neve At Age 110 In 1902.⁣ ⁣ She Was Born In 1792 And Died In 1903, Making Her The First Proven Person In Recorded History To Have Lived In 3 Different Centuries

14. The Lovers Of Valdaro Were Two 6,000-Years-Old Skeletons Who Appeared To Have Died In A Lover’s Embrace, Face To Face With Their Arms And Legs Entwined

15. Dolly Parton At Home In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 1960s

16. An Unemployed Lumber Worker And His Wife In Oregon, August, 1939.⁣

17. Vintage Halloween Costume

18. In The Olden Days, Santa Claus Would Gather Up Naughty Children, Toss Them In His Basket And Whisk Them Away To The North Pole To Serve As His Slaves. That’s Where The Legend Of Santas Elves Came From

19. In 19th Century England, Wealthy Farmers Would Commission Paintings Of Their Cows, Pigs And Sheep As A Way To Flex Their Wealth And Status

20. The Original Michelin Man From 1898.⁣ The Michelin Man Is White Because Rubber Tires Are Naturally White

21. On September 30th, 1956, During A Drunken Argument In A New York City Bar, A Man Named Thomas Fitzpatrick Claimed He Could Fly An Airplane From New Jersey To New York In Under 15 Minutes

22. In 1902, A French Company Decided To Make Playing Cards That Imagined “Women Of The Future”

23. Former Beauty Queen, Miss Wyoming Winner 1973 Joyce Mckinney Being Arrested By Police After Kidnapping Mormon Missionary Kirk Anderson From His Church, Forcing Him To Be Her Sex Slave For 3 Days. 1977

24. Bonnie And Clyde’s Last Kiss A Few Hours Before They Were Killed, May 23, 1934

25. In 1938 Bruce Mozert Took The First Underwater Photos And They Are Brilliant

26. The Man In The Picture Is Dina Sanichar, Widely Believed To Be Raised By The Wolves

27. German Anti-Nazi Political Activist, Sophie Scholl, Was Executed In 1943 For Leading Non-Violent Student Resistance Against Hitler

28. 3,000 Year Old Pair Of Pants Found In China.⁣ ⁣ The Pants Were Discovered In A Tomb In Northwestern China

29. An Iconic Image Showing Aboriginal Rights Activist, Gary Foley With A Sign Reading, “Pardon Me For Being Born Into A Nation Of Racists”, 1971

30. To Appear Headless While Taking A Photo, Aka “Horsemanning” Was A Popular Way To Pose In The 1920’s

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