25 Photos Will Prove To You That Nothing Is Normal In Australia

“Honey, there’s a kid on our bug…”

“Australia has giant pinecones.”

“Pink Lake in Western Australia with the Indian Ocean in the background”

“Imagine, if Australians use these worms as bait, how big are the fish they’re trying to catch?”

“A highly venomous blue-ringed octopus on hand (should never be touched, carries enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes)”

“An emu egg I found”

“A seal chilling outside Sydney Opera House”

“Daintree Rainforest in Cairns, Australia”

“A rainbow wrasse caught off Christmas Island”

“Lizards in Australia”

“Nothing special, just toads traveling on a snake…”

“This very specific crossroads sign in Mount Isa, Australia”

“You know you’re in Australia when frogs eat snakes!”

“Australia, where even the hail can kill you!”

“2 endangered barking geckos”

“It’s so hot here in Australia at the moment, and I was wondering why the birds weren’t using our bird bath…”

“Felt a tickle on my leg.”

“A typical roadside ditch in Australia”

“March of the hairy caterpillars”

“I wonder if it barks.”

“A termite mound in the northern territory of Australia”

“Finally, there’s something in Australia that doesn’t want to kill me. Here’s a banana for scale.”

“The stripes in the Wave Rock formation (Western Australia)”

“A bizarre scaleless blackfish with fangs found in Australia”

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