25+ Proposal Fails That Are Hard To Watch

Brace yourself: you won’t be able to handle these failed proposal attempts that will make you cringe.

“Proposal at Walmart”

“Proposed to on a funfair ride by a man wearing joggers saying Xbox on them”

“Man slapped after proposing with a Ring Pop at baseball game”

“Here’s my ex husband and his new fiancée. He left me with our four year old at the end of April in the middle of the quarantine over TEXT because he was cheating on me with this girl (last in a long string, come to find out). Announced their engagement not even five minutes after the divorce was settled, but according to both of them he *definitely* wasn’t cheating. Since when do we wear high school prom dresses to get engaged? Yeesh. Class act”

“I hate captions like this. Side note- I also think “finally” is kind of ironic for 22 year olds.”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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