25 Really Awesome Garages

” Finally… a Finished garage (Quarantine Project)”

“This is nothing compared to what’s normally on this sub but I had a go at organising our tiny garage.”

“Put up some wall art this weekend”

“Been wanting to do the floors for years. 50 year old garage! Thinking about tearing out the drywall and doing maple plywood for the walls.”

“Usually a mess but with #lockdown and been stuck waiting on parts about as tidy as it’s ever going to get”

“Updated my garage with cabinets + workbenches from Lowe’s”

“Pretty proud of this…”

“Just a wall in the barn. Homemade hangers”

“Here is my 20X20 garage.”

“My one car garage cannot house the rest of the fleet, but it’s still a great space for my everlasting projects.”

“Added a workshop space to my previous cluttered storage room. Great for small projects and electronics.”

“My Little Slice of Heaven”

“8 year home based sales pro. My office, 9 months a year.”

“My remodel – mostly done”

“One wall done, need to fab up some filler pieces for the top cabinets.”

“Still working on the rest of the garage, but I was thrilled to move this 97 year old letterpress into my new space.”

“Had an employee walk off with a ton of tools, so consolidated 2 businesses worth of tools (plus the replacements I had to buy) in the home garage. So much fun playing with the pegboard layout. So many projects to get started!”

“My build so far! Mostly woodworking and auto repair.”

“Aside from my actual garage my new house has an oversized 1 and a half car garage I turned into a shop. It also overlooks a pretty decent park.”

“The pole barn I got with my new house.”

“I installed a set of NewAge cabinets this weekend in my garage”

“Classic and Vintage Today”

“I have wanted a lift for my garage for decades. Today I got what I wanted. BendPak Grand Prix”

“Completed my sliding rack for the miter saw today. Really proud of how far this space has come :)”

“Happy to finally have a real shop. 30×30”

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