25+ Super Practical Father’s Day Gifts

 A breakfast sandwich maker that’ll reeeeally come in handy when they’re craving a bacon, egg, and cheese but have absolutely zero desire to get dressed and leave the house. They just add their ingredients, set the timer, and let the machine do all the work!

 Goodful cold brew maker so they can enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverage without having to brave the line at Starbucks. 

A Filtrete air purifier so they can breathe easier — literally and figuratively. It traps up to 99.97% of irritating airborne particles (think dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria) and will even help eliminate less-than-pleasant odors. 

A heavy duty pizza stone that’ll help them achieve pizzeria-worthy pies at home, even if they don’t have a fancy oven. Just make sure they know they’re obligated to invite you over for pizza night from now on.

A solar-powered charger for the outdoorsy dad who’d rather not go ~completely~ off the grid. It has two USB ports, so all they have to do is spread out the solar panels, plug in their device, and let some direct sunlight power it up.

A tiny Bluetooth FM transmitter that’ll instantly make their — how should I put this — “vintage” car feel like it got a major update, no pricey auto body shop visits required. And, no more enduring barely audible radio stations now that they can play music right from their phone!

A two-pack of crewneck T-shirts, because if one thing’s for certain, it’s that dads can never have enough everyday tees and undershirts. These are comfy and go with basically everything, so don’t be surprised if they ask for the link so they can stock up on more colors. 

A memory foam seat cushion that’ll make them wonder how the heck they put up with that hard as a rock desk chair for so long as soon as they feel it cradle their bum. If they’re WFH these days, they’re gonna want one not only for comfort, but to provide support and promote better alignment!

A nonstick microwave pasta cooker for nights when they want spaghetti for dinner but the thought of waiting for water to boil seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

A six-outlet wall charger complete with USB ports so they’ll never run out of places to plug in their phone, and their laptop, and their tablet, and…you get the idea. Plus, it comes with a light!

A Dash rapid cooker that’ll have them making *perfectly cooked* hard- and soft-boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs, as well as omelets! I foresee many brunches at their place in the near future.

A hand-powered chopper that’ll make easy work out of everyone’s least favorite cooking task: vegetable prep. They’ll just pull the cord like they’re powering up a lawn mower and watch as the chunky pieces get blitzed into smaller bits.

A “Bacon Bin” for storing alllll of the delicious grease left over after cooking their favorite breakfast protein. Instead of pouring it down the drain (and clogging their pipes 😬), they can simply keep it in this little cup for future cooking purposes. Plus, it comes with a handy strainer so they can easily discard any stray bits of bacon.

A pack of deodorizing balls to keep everyone from wincing every time they take off their sneakers or open their gym bag (sorry, dads!). They twist open to release a fresh scent (no more rancid Cheetos smell), and each one lasts for up to six months!

A spring-loaded coin organizer so they’ll finally have a place to store all of that loose change somewhere that’s…not the floor of their car. It comes with dedicated compartments for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, and can hold over $10 worth of coins!

A very “why didn’t I think of that” scrap collector that’ll make cooking all the more enjoyable, since they can clean as they go and keep their workspace looking nice and tidy. It hooks right over a cabinet door or drawer so unwanted bits can just slide right in!

A smartphone lens kit so they can take swoon-worthy photos no one would ever guess came from an iPhone camera. Maybe now they’ll actually post them rather than forgetting about them in a random folder on their desktop. 

A fan favorite savory seasoning to spice up their life — I mean, food. This unassuming yet flavor-packed blend of garlic, onion, cayenne, parsley, and citrus has over 8,000 5-star reviews, and can be used on any veggies or protein they’d like!

An 11-in-1 stainless steel multitool that operates as a can/bottle cap opener, four types of wrenches, knife edge, saw blade, screwdriver, ruler, and keychain attachment — aka, they’ll wanna keep this in their wallet at all times.

A set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds so they’ll never have to deal with pesky tangled cords or headphone adaptors when listening to their favorite playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks. Plus, they’re sweat and waterproof, aka perfect for jogging!

An Amazon Smart Plug that’ll turn any outlet in their home into a voice-controlled outlet (really!). Once they link it to their Alexa-enabled device (or the Alexa app), they’ll be able to tell their coffee maker to start brewing from their bedroom.

A pair of Drop Stop car gap fillers, which will keep those drive-thru crumbs from ending up all over the floor of their car.

A warm, puffy blanket, which folds up small enough to fit inside a compact carrying pouch. It’s perfect for all of that camping, picnic-ing, and beaching they plan on doing this summer, since it’s also water repellant.

A set of two ceramic mugs with built-in cork coaster bottoms that’ll prevent those dreaded rings from forming on their coffee table. Plus, they’re insulated, so their coffee will stay nice and hot!

A toothpaste holder, which doubles as a squeezer for getting out every last bit (and saving some room on their tiny b-room counter). 

And finally, a silicone glass mold to ensure they never have to take a swig of lukewarm whiskey ever again (gross!). The flexible design means the frozen shot glasses will pop right out, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup!

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