25+ Terrifying Shower Thoughts

“High school reunions lost popularity with the rise in popularity of social media.”

“Taking pictures of people on the street is considered less creepy the more expensive your camera is.”

“You have to wait your whole life to see if you get murdered or not.”

“Being a truck driver for a company that transports eggs must be an extremely stressful job”

“If your food says “Enjoy” at the end of the cooking instructions, you can’t complain to the company if you didn’t like it, since you technically didn’t follow the instructions.”

“Knowing that tomorrow is Sunday is better than the Sunday itself.”

“The hardest part about learning Ethics is finding that somehow, in someway, you are a horrible person.”

“Two babies can be born at the same moment but have different birthdays”

“The most dangerous part of riding a motorcycle is the amount of trust you have to put in other drivers”

“Rain sounds are loud yet give calming effect.”

“People with prosthetic legs can choose to be whatever height they want to be”

“Getting a compliment is less about how great you are and more about how kind and observant the person who gave the compliment is.”

“At some point our parents stopped keeping track of our bowel movements.”

“A lot of people don’t know you even exist”

“Our body’s ability to store a fatal amount of fat is a survival mechanism.”

“Weekends are only 1 day long and there are two of them a week.”

“The amount of times you see a butthole in your lifetime increases dramatically with having kids.”

“Considering how much our gut affects our brain, food itself is psychoactive”

“Someone in the future is gonna manage to get malware on their cybernetic implant”

“In adventure stories, the number of main characters increases throughout. In horror stories, the number of main characters decreases throughout.”

“As humans get married later and have children later in life, less children will ever meet their grandparents.”

“Being hangry (angry when hungry) is based on our instinct to be more aggresive to fight and kill our prey”

“The guy who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents saved thousands of lives.”

“The average prey animal has probably experienced way more trauma than the average human”

“A cup of whipped cream weighs a lot less than a cup of carrots, but you will gain more weight from eating the whipped cream”

“Spiders were probably an absolute nightmare to early mammals.”

“At a certain point in life, having an empty house is not a reason to party, but just a lonely reality”

“There’s not really a friendly way to lock a door behind someone”

Source: www.reddit.com

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